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Questions & Answers Which Shade of Endurant Is Best?

Determining which shade of Endurant Turf Colorant is best can be a matter of personal preference and grass type. Users will have preferences toward specific shades and generally select the shade that coordinates best with their natural turfgrass color.

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Questions & Answers If Spraying Endurant in Two Directions, When Should the Second Coat Be Applied?

Many turfgrass professionals choose to apply Endurant turf colorants in a two-coat method. If spraying Endurant in two directions, let the first pass dry for about 15-20 minutes. Allow even more time if possible. Then, apply the second coat perpendicular to the first coast. This wait time will reduce the chances for tire marks, footprints, etc.

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Questions & Answers Is It Best to Spray Endurant in Two Directions?

Yes. Less streaking and overall better coverage of the leaf blade will occur if sprayed in two directions. For more on this two-coat method, see a related FAQ. How Long Should You Wait to Apply a Second Coat If Spraying Endurant in Two Directions?

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Questions & Answers How Long Should I Keep Off the Grass After Applying Endurant?

After applying Endurant turfgrass colorants it's recommended to keep off the grass to allow it to dry. How long this takes can vary. It is recommended to allow grass paint to dry for two hours for light home lawn use. For golf, remain off the grass for three to four hours. When it comes to keeping rain off the grass, try to let grass paint dry for 8 to 24 hours before a heavy rain, if possible.

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Questions & Answers Can Pesticides, Fertilizers or Other Products Be Added to Endurant?

Mixing Endurant with other chemicals is generally safe. However, it is important to contact the supplier of the products and/or perform a jar test. Consider too where you want the other products to end up. Endurant turf colorants need to remain on the leaf blade for optimal results. Do not water-in Endurant landscape colorants. Instead, Endurant needs to dry fully on the leaf blade or the surface of plants, trees, mulch or whatever is being colored. So, any products mixed with Endurant should probably be a foliar. In conclusion, mixing Endurant with other chemicals is often safe, but jar tests, checking with manufacturers and following all application instructions is important when using any chemical or material.

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Questions & Answers Will Weather Affect Endurant Results?

Will weather affect Endurant? Minimally. Once colorants are dried and cured, weather has minimal affects on Endurant turf colorants. You may apply Endurant turf colorants when frost, dew or a very small amount of moisture is on the grass blades. This may actually increase uniformity of color application. But it is not necessary. If a heavy rain were to come prior to Endurant drying, that could cause the paint to wash off. Generally, just allow grass to dry for 8 hours before a rain and up to 24 hours before a heavy rain. Endurant is dry to the touch in most cases within an hour.

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Questions & Answers Is Endurant Safe on Equipment?

Endurant Turf Colorants are safe on equipment and pumps. We recommend cleaning directly after use. If equipment is not cleaned directly after use, there is a risk of clogging spray nozzles with dried paint. So, rinse turf equipment with water directly after use and do not store equipment with the paint inside. If you have a tough stain on equipment use Endurant Pigment Cleaner, available on Geoponics online store, as well as through Amazon and our distributors.

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Questions & Answers How Long Will Endurant Turf Colorant Last?

Endurant turf colorant will generally last about 6-8 weeks. When applied to dormant turf it lasts longer than when applied to actively growing turf because colorant is mowed off. The answer can vary when considering the question, how long will Endurant Turf Colorant last? For details on estimating the length of time this grass paint lasts, learn more here.

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Questions & Answers What Is the Best Endurant Application Rate?

Application rates may vary based upon the depth of shade users desire. The best Endurant application rate is also listed on the container for home users and professionals. Apply more for a deeper result if desired, but do not mix at a rate that is overly diluted. Maintain the 15:1, water to Endurant, mix rate.

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Questions & Answers Are Endurant Landscape Colorants Environmentally Friendly?

Is Endurant Environmentally Friendly?

Geoponics began by introducing products that helped golf course superintendents, turfgrass managers, farmers, gardeners, landscapers and others find useful agronomy tools for common challenges. The products helped address agronomic challenges while providing alternatives to many traditional practices and products that may have been less sustainable or effective. They came with environmental benefits, including soil remediation with products like Agriox and Detox. Also, many help with water conservation and management.

The Endurant line of landscape colorants and landscape cosmetics, including the Endurant turf colorants, specifically have environmental benefits as an alternative to other practices.

Endurant is environmentally friendly as an alternative to other turfgrass care, lawn and landscape options, such as for masking seasonal fungus and replacing or reducing the practices of overseed. Endurant can lead to tremendous water usage savings and reduction in other harsh chemicals.

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