If Spraying Endurant in Two Directions, When Should the Second Coat Be Applied?

Many turfgrass professionals choose to apply Endurant turf colorants in a two-coat method. If spraying Endurant in two directions, let the first pass dry for about 15-20 minutes. Allow even more time if possible. Then, apply the second coat perpendicular to the first coast. This wait time will reduce the chances for tire marks, footprints, etc.

The two-coat application method of Endurant Turf Colorants provides a particularly even, long-lasting appearance. Professionals, such as golf course superintendents often use this two-coat method.

Wait, you should spray Endurant in two directions?! Not necessarily. Here is the answer to that question of whether spraying Endurant in two directions is necessary. The bottomline is that it is not necessary but can provide more even coverage depending upon the type of sprayer used, the nozzles and the condition of the grass.

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