Are Endurant Landscape Colorants Environmentally Friendly?

Is Endurant Environmentally Friendly?

Geoponics began by introducing products that helped golf course superintendents, turfgrass managers, farmers, gardeners, landscapers and others find useful agronomy tools for common challenges. The products helped address agronomic challenges while providing alternatives to many traditional practices and products that may have been less sustainable or effective. They came with environmental benefits, including soil remediation with products like Agriox and Detox. Also, many help with water conservation and management.

The Endurant line of landscape colorants and landscape cosmetics, including the Endurant turf colorants, specifically have environmental benefits as an alternative to other practices.

Endurant is environmentally friendly as an alternative to other turfgrass care, lawn and landscape options, such as for masking seasonal fungus and replacing or reducing the practices of overseed. Endurant can lead to tremendous water usage savings and reduction in other harsh chemicals.

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