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Questions & Answers When Is the Best Time to Paint Grass?

The best time to paint grass is after it's freshly mowed. This way, you don't mow off the color.

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Questions & Answers Should I Wait Until Grass Is Dormant to Paint?

The choice to wait until grass is dormant or not is a matter of preference when it comes to painting grass. Some people like to see the grass remain green as long and as much as possible. If so, many find that applying colorant at half rate just before dormancy is a great way to achieve that. Then, apply Endurant at full rate when in full dormancy and again at half rate during the transition back to the growing season. This leads to ideal results.

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Questions & Answers What Is the Best Sprayer for Painting Grass?

Depending on the size of the job and your level of experience spraying turf, there are several options.

When applying Endurant Turf Colorants, most garden sprayers, backpack sprayers, airless
sprayers, skid sprayers with reel and boom sprayers will all work for painting grass.

Entry level garden sprayers and backpack sprayers can be purchased at your retail store. Pump sprayers may be used but may not provide the best results because the pressure can be inconsistent. So, a battery powered sprayer can be better.

The Best Sprayer for Painting Grass Can Vary:

A Battery Powered Back Pack Sprayer Is Great for Most Lawns

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Questions & Answers How many times during the dormancy period will turf need to be painted?

When applying Endurant on completely dormant turf, there may not be a need for much reapplication, if any. Many people ask how many times to paint grass during dormancy. For year round green grass, spraying three times, including once during early dormancy, again at full dormancy and just before dormancy ends in the spring transition leads to fantastic results.

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