How Much Does Endurant Cost?

There are a couple ways to answer this question. There is product cost through our online store or our distributors. then, there is the cost of application. For the DIYer, the cost is a matter of your own labor, the purchase price of Endurant, and a sprayer. For the professional who paints lawns as a business, there may be a little more involved.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Lawn?

How Much Does Endurant Cost? Labor Is the Main Expense

The cost to paint a lawn depends on the size, as well as condition of the grass. Also, the cost to paint a lawn is influenced by the equipment used and whether it's a Do-It-Yourself project or you are hiring someone. But generally, it costs as little as 1 cent per square foot to paint a lawn not including any labor. That's for the DIY-er.

Contact your lawn care professional or landscaper and see if they will offer the service. Their cost will be greater.

How Much Should I Charge for Offering a Lawn Painting Service?

If you're in the business, or interested in launching a business, and wondering what to charge, there are a few factors. Lawn care providers and landscapers often add the lawn painting service to their pre-existing business for even lower startup costs in terms of marketing and equipment than a brand new lawn painting business.

Consider that the full range of what many professionals in the U.S. are charging is generally between 5 cents and 25 cents USD per square foot to paint a lawn using Endurant Landscape Colorants.

The most common charge, or average charge, is 10 cents per square foot. And, the sweet spot, so to speak, is in the range of 7 cents to 15 cents per square foot, depending upon location within the U.S..

Determining what to charge will depend on the condition of the lawn, the labor costs and to a large extent, the cost of living in the area where the service is being offered. Keep in mind other business costs you may have, such as vehicle, gas, equipment, insurance, marketing, labor, etc.

The cost of living from Mississippi to California is such a wide range, that charges for the labor of lawn painting is also quite wide. But these ranges above should give you a beginning gauge of what to charge your clients. As your costs of doing business becomes more clear, adjust prices accordingly.

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