How Do I Start a Lawn Painting Business?

If you are interested in helping people to maintain green grass all year long, a grass painting business may be for you. A grass painting business can have a relatively low investment startup cost compared with other business startups. It also complements other lawn and landscape offerings.

Geoponics, the makers of Endurant Landscape Colorants recommend starting simply with a battery powered backpack sprayer and a gallon of paint. That’s all you need to get started. Then, spread the word and offer your services.

The Equipment Needed to Start a Lawn Painting Business

The battery powered back sprayer most recommended is the Ryobi. It comes with a conical tip and flat tip. Since the conical tip is more forgiving when it comes to overlapping your spray, that’s one Geoponics recommends for application of Endurant Turf Colorants.

Purchasing the Products to Start a Lawn Painting Business

Purchase Endurant turf colorants through one of our distributors, in our online Shop or Amazon. As your business grows, there are discounts for larger amounts of colorant purchased at one time. But a gallon is a great start. (Remember not to over-dilute because it will affect the adhesion of the colorant to the turf grass. Use at recommended mix rates.)

Double check our How to Paint Grass and How to Apply Endurant section for more tips on application, including colorant choice

Of course, you need to get the word out about your grass painting service. One great way to do this is to offer to paint a lawn in a neighborhood of your choice. Often seeing the results is all that is needed to get people wanting their grass to look just as good and green.

Feel free to share photographs and posts from our Instagram/TurfPainting page to your new business page for your prospective customers to see what they can expect. Inquire with homeowner’s associations, golf courses, parks n rec departments, municipalities and individual homeowners directly.

We recommend starting with your own lawn or a close family member's or friend’s lawn to become familiar with the process. Also, take plenty of before and after photographs, as well as video. These will help you build clients and a following.

What Are the Costs and Profits Involved in a Lawn Painting Business?

How Much Should I Charge for the Service of Lawn Painting?

When launching a lawn painting business, many people wonder how much they should charge for painting a lawn. They may also wonder, how much they can earn, after expenses. This can differ on region and situations. But on average, the cost can be as low as one cent per square foot! Companies, or individuals, often charge 10 cents per square foot. Labor is the most expensive part. The range in charges are often between 5 cents and 25 cents per square foot. Factors affecting costs include length of grass, how off-color the grass is, how intricate the edges are and the cost of living in the area where the grass is being painted.

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