Does Temperature Affect Endurant Turf Paint?

Temperature may affect Endurant Turf Paint if the product freezes. It's important to avoid letting the packages freeze. It's also important to apply Endurant on a day that the temperature will eventually reach 40 degrees F or warmer.

Endurant Turf Colorant:

Temperature Considerations for Grass Paint Application

Regarding the preferred temperature for applying Endurant Turf Colorants, the main consideration is to apply on a day the temperature will reach at least 40 degrees F. So, it's okay to apply Endurant when there is frost. It's okay to apply Endurant pigments when it's near freezing as well. Also, it's okay to apply when it's very hot. But, the temperature at some point must reach 40 degrees F or warmer on that day of application. This allows the product to cure. (See: How to paint grass)

As long as temp reaches 40 degrees F at some point in day, the product will have a chance to cure. Otherwise, if it freezes immediately on the blade, and the temperature remains near or at freezing, it will not cure. 

Heat does not alter the application. But, extreme temperatures are best avoided for storing paints and pigments. It is advised to store in a temperature controlled environment, if possible.

Does Temperature Affect Endurant Turf Paint?

Storage & Transport of Endurant Turf Colorants

Store and transport any or all of the Endurant Landscape Colorant products (for turf; trees; mulch; sand; ponds; line and marking paints etc.) in such a way to avoid freezing. 

In terms of heat, product application is not altered by hot weather. But likewise, it's best to store the colorant, like you would any paint, in a temperature controlled environment to avoid extremes.