Is Endurant Grass Paint Safe for Pets?

Endurant Turf Colorants and Landscape Colorants are safe for pets, and others, to walk on once Endurant colorants are dry. This usually takes about an hour, but may be longer if humid or in low temperatures, less than 50 degrees F.

For optimal safety, always follow all label instructions.

Endurant Landscape Colorants are made with pigments and binders to ensure the colorant remains on the grass and true to tone.

Green Again Pro, by Endurant: Is This Grass Paint Safe for Pets?

Now that you know Endurant is grass paint safe for pets once dried, we have other good news. Does your pet ever leave a stain on the lawn? Want to make the lawn more safe from pets?

Grass Paint Safe for Pets Green Again Pro for grass spots and pet urine stains on lawns
Green Again Pro is grass paint safe for pets and people to walk on once dried, and great for covering pet urine stains.

When grass has brown spots due to pet urine on the lawn, Green Again Pro is a great option. Green Again Pro is a ready-to-use turf colorant made for home use by Endurant.

Spray Green Again Pro on the yellow or brown grass spot and see it go green again right before your eyes. Green Again Pro is great for small areas. It requires no mixing or special equipment.

Green Again Pro comes in Warm Season color for warm season grasses and Cool Season color. If your grass is a warmer shade of green and slightly lighter in tone, choose Green Ago Pro Warm Season. If your grass is a cooler shade, perhaps a bit darker, choose Green Again Pro Cool Season. These colorants can be used on other plants too if you would like to spruce up a plant with colorant on a brown spot. (When purchasing Green Again Pro, select Cool or Warm Season from the drop down menu.)

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