How Much Does a Gallon of Endurant Turf Paint Cover?

FAQ: How much will one gallon of Endurant cover?

Typically one gallon of Endurant, particularly one of the ultra concentrates, will cover 5,000 to 7,000 square feet of dormant grass. The ultra concentrates in the Endurant line include Endurant Fairway, Endurant Premium and Endurant Perennial Rye. As the labels for these colorants suggest, one gallon can cover up to 10,000 square feet. This is the case when grass still has some chlorophyll, is kept at a short height and is applied optimally. Optimal application includes using recommended mix rates, applying with efficient equipment and using the best nozzles (when applicable). [Consider reviewing these pages for related Q&A topics: Application Rates; How to Paint; What Is the Best Sprayer to Use for Painting Grass?; What Is the Best Application Rate Per Acre for a Certain Depth of Color?)

How Much Does a Gallon Cover and other FAQs with a person painting grass using a hose sprayer showing brown grass going green and a bottle of Endurant Turf Colorant Premium grass paint

Understanding the Range of Coverage for One Gallon of Grass Paint

The range of coverage for these ultra concentrates is from 5,000 square feet to 10,000 sq. ft. per gallon based on several factors.

First, the end result is always the sum total of the grass color at the outset, plus the colorant. For example, completely dormant bermudagrass is almost white or a light tan color. Thus, the grass will require more colorant than it would if it were starting off a darker color. (Much like painting a wall with primer or changing a wall from one color to the next. The greater the change in color, the more likely you may need to apply another coat.)

Like painting a white wall dark green, it will take more green to cover than repainting an already green wall. 

On the other hand, if you’re painting fescue, it will take less paint to get the desired result. This is because it doesn't go completely dormant. But, it does go off color. 

When considering how much paint you need and how much a gallon will cover, start with the type of grass. Then, consider its growing stages and whether it goes dormant or semi-dormant. Then, consider the time of year and what is effecting the color. Evaluate the situation and determine the results you desire and the colorant you will choose. Relatively quickly, you can determine how much paint it’s going to take to cover or enhance the particular situation. 

How Much Coverage from a Quart or Gallon of Endurant Pigment or Flex?

Perhaps your turfgrass stays green or only goes semi-dormant. In these cases, where the grass has at least some degree of green with natural chlorophyll, consider using Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE), which is a turfgrass pigment for actively growing grass. Or, consider using Endurant Flex (FX), which is a hybrid paint and pigment in one.

Use Endurant TE when the grass is growing. Use this colorant, which is a pigment, to add a pop more wow factor. Also, use Endurant TE as an aesthetically pleasing indicator dye. Endurant TE is most commonly used on golf courses, where the expectation of greenness, monthly budgets and need for indicator dye makes TE a great choice.

If you have a golf course that is actively growing but the color of the bermudagrass isn’t quite the color you'd like, you could use a paint at a lower application rate (but still keep the mix ratio 1:15, which is one part colorant to 15 parts water. Going less than this mix rate can effect the binder. This means your mix won't have enough binder for optimal adherence to turfgrass. You may add Spray n Stay if choosing to alter mix rates and dilute more than suggested. On fairway height grass, use 16 to 20 ounces per acre of colorant. In this case, the coverage is more extensive per gallon because you're simply enhancing the color of existing green.

Do not use TE on dormant bermudagrass. Since you're starting with almost white grass, the end result will not look natural.

When the turfgrass is overseeded or slightly off-color grass and especially on sports fields, the Flex is an ideal option. Endurant Flex enhances color and is used as a hybrid colorant and overseed practice. Flex covers the underlying bermuda while enhancing the perennial rye. Depending on height of cut, apply at rate of 32 to 64 ounces per acre. Some sports fields will apply at a gallon per acre rate. It depends on the end result the person is looking to attain.