What Is the Best Application Rate or Gallons Per Acre to Achieve a Certain Depth of Color with Endurant?

Geoponics, the makers of Endurant Turf Colorants, always recommend a specific mix ratio. However, individuals will choose a higher application rate if desiring the “see-it-from-the-moon” look. Or, they may apply more if looking to add contrast to clearly define their fairways. The best application rate with Endurant will depend upon the needs and desires of the user.

What Is the Best Application Rate?

Application rates may vary based upon the depth of shade users desire. Application rates are also listed on the container for home users and professionals. Just keep in mind, the mix rate remains the same at 15 parts water to one part color. But some people will apply more or less of this mix to achieve specific results.

For the best application rates of Endurant on lawns year round, review here. The best application rate for Endurant on sports fields is available in detail in this year round protocol. And, the best application rate for Endurant for a year round green golf course program is here.

Application Rates for Endurant Ultra Concentrates, Including Premium, PR and Fairway

Generally recommended rates per acre for golf courses are: Endurant FW (Fairway), Endurant P+ (Premium) & Endurant PR (Perennial Rye) at rates of 6-10 gallons per acre on fairways and rates of 2-5 gallons per acre for greens.

The suggested rates are as follow: Endurant FW and Premium, PR should be applied at a rate of 10-15gal/acre over the season in three sprays as follows: 3gal/acre as turf enters early dormancy, 6gal/acre during total dormancy, and 3gal/acre in the transition period.

Application Rates for Endurant the Original Colorant: Endurant Turf Colorant (TC)

Less commonly, Endurant Turf Colorant (TC), the original in the line of colorants is still recommended. Because the other paints are now ultra-concentrated, those are generally more economical and lead to the best results. Still for those interested in Endurant TC the original, here are the best application rates. Apply Endurant TC to fairways at 10-20 gallons per acre and greens at 3-7 gallons per acre. Endurant TC may be applied at a rate of 10-20 gal per acre over the season in three sprays as follows: 5gal/acre as turf enters early dormancy, 10gal/acre during total dormancy, and 5gal/acre in the transition period.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not dilute the mix rate adding more than the recommended amount of water. The colorant may not adhere properly to grass if diluted. However, if you add Endurant Spray n Stay to an overly diluted mix that can assist with the staying power.

Best Rates for Endurant Pigments, Actively Growing Grass and Transitions

When transitioning between zones, seasons, turfgrass species or between dormant and actively growing, choose a pigment. Endurant TE is designed for actively growing turf and will be mowed off prior to wearing off. The best application rate for Endurant TE is at rates of 16-32 ounces per acres on fairways and 4-12 ounces per acre on greens.

Endurant Flex (FX) is hybrid pigment and paint that is ideal for transitions. Follow the rates on the bottle. Use more Flex if you prefer a richer tone. Review these rate recommendations for particular situations.

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