How Does Endurant Hold up to Cart Traffic and Heavy Use?

Endurant is named for its ability to endure many conditions. It's extremely popular for use on golf courses. So, it's common for golf course superintendents to ask, how does Endurant hold up to cart traffic? The Endurant turf colorants will last on the grass, but heavy golf cart traffic does take a toll on grass in general.

Much like overseeded turf or grass of any type, cart traffic can leave markings. Golf carts and traffic can degrade conditions when in high concentration. Scattering carts or spreading heavy usage over the area helps. The colorant will last but the grass can be damaged nonetheless.

How Does Endurant Hold Up to Cart Traffic?

Endurant Turf Colorants Last During Heavy Use

Endurant Turf Colorants are made to endure a lot. The colorants, once applied and dried, last through rain and snow. People and pets can walk on grass and the color remains.

However, there are high contact sports or conditions with extremely high friction. That's when Endurant Spray n Stay is recommended. This non toxic binder helps the colorant adhere to the turfgrass surface even longer and through the harshest conditions. Endurant Spray n Stay is commonly used on sports fields. Football, soccer and even baseball are among the athletic fields that benefit most from the extra staying power of Spray n Stay.

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