Is Endurant a Grass Paint That Turns Blue?

Endurant is not a grass paint that turns blue. Many grass paints on the market have an unnatural and/or blue tone. Endurant Turf Colorants do not turn blue. Users celebrate Endurant colorants for their particularly natural tones. Geoponics' brand of Endurant Turf colorants do not start out blue and will not fade to blue. Instead, Geoponics formulated Endurant colorants to match the most common turfgrass species. These organic pigments combine with nontoxic binder to last for a long time. And, when Endurant does fade, it fades on tone.

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Endurant Turf Colorant is not a grass paint that turns blue. See Endurant versus the other guy.
Endurant (top) versus the other guy (below). Endurant turf colorants provide a natural shade of green available for any grass type.

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