Why Use the Endurant Wheel Sprayer?

Everything You Need to Know About the Endurant Wheel Sprayer for Painting Lawns

Geoponics recommends using the Endurant Wheel Sprayer for applying Endurant Turf Colorants. This works very well for applying grass paint and creating clean lines and edges quickly. For this reason, the spray wheel is sometimes called an edging wheel or wheel sprayer. 

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Why Use the Wheel Sprayer with Endurant Turf Colorants?

Use the edging wheel to create clean edges and avoid overspray onto concrete, sidewalks, driveways or pavers. It will save time and give a professional look. 

Create sharp lines between properties and keep edges looking clean using the wheel sprayer. 

One of the main benefits is saving time. Even for an experienced painter, cutting in the edges can be time consuming. The Endurant Wheel Sprayer can save a lot of time, so more can be done in a day. For lawn care and landscape companies, this time savings adds up to a lot of money saved and earned each day. 

How to Use the Wheel Sprayer for Painting Lawns

What Fittings Are Needed? 

The Endurant Spray Wheel, or edging wheel, is easy to use and the fittings are included. It comes with fittings to attach to almost any kind of sprayer. 

Geoponics often recommends a battery powered backpack sprayer (four gallon Ryobi available at Home Depot) as a business start up sprayer for application of Endurant Turf Colorants. So, it’s ideal that the Endurant Wheel Sprayer comes with the fitting needed to attach the backpack sprayer to the spray wheel. 

Then, you may adjust the spray nozzle a bit for your use. Notice the spray nozzle can be directed right at the wheel or a little bit away from the wheel. Find the middle ground to get the optimal spacing so you’re not directing too much paint right on the wheel or creating too much of a gap. 

Also, this spray nozzle can be used on either side of the wheel to make it easy to run the spray wheel from either side.  

Endurant Wheel Sprayer cuts in edges to get grass paint on grass not on concrete sidewalks and driveways.
Cutting in the edges of a lawn with Endurant turf colorants skillfully to get beautiful edges, avoid overspray and save time with the Endurant Wheel Sprayer.

Where to Buy the Spray Wheel

Buy the Endurant Wheel Sprayer on our online store ShopGeoponics.com. Edging wheels or spray wheels are also available at many Endurant Landscape Colorant distributors. 

How Much Does the Endurant Wheel Sprayer Cost? 

The Endurant Spray Wheel costs approximately $475. 

Consequently, for a small landscaping business, it may take spraying about three to four lawns for the spray wheel to pay for itself. However, the investment can be worthwhile if there is a lot of edging. Since the job will be faster and one less person may be needed, the savings can be significant.

Is There an Alternative to Using the Endurant Wheel Sprayer for Painting Lawn Edges? 

If a spray wheel is out of the budget in the short term, with an estimated cost of $475, then you may choose to stick with having an assistant holding cardboard, ply word or another shield. 

Overtime, a spray wheel or edging wheel may become a more economical option than holding plywood. There may be other spray wheels, edging wheels or similar products by different names. 

See this post on How to Keep Grass Paint Off Concrete for more tips. Also, this Endurant user found another way to handle edges that can work in the short term.