Grass Pigment or Grass Paint? When to Use Each

When considering whether to use a grass pigment or grass paint, consider the current color of the grass. Pigments are generally applied to growing turf while paints are used on turf in some degree of dormancy. A grass pigment is used on actively growing green grass. If the grass is brown, dormant and/or no longer actively growing, then a paint is preferred. However, Endurant paints, including the most popular in the line, Endurant Premium, PR and Fairway may be used on any grass at any time.

Furthermore, you may find even more advice on how to choose the best colorant for your grass type or species here.

There are two grass pigments in the Endurant line of landscape colorants. These include Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE) and Endurant Flex (FX). Use these two when the grass has some chlorophyll that is keeping the grass some shade of green. These pigments, TE and FX, are to be used only on grass that is still actively growing. TE adds a boost of color to grass that is already green.

If you're not sure whether you'd prefer a grass pigment or a grass paint, Endurant Flex (FX) is ideal. Flex is used for turfgrass in transition. It is often used in the time between seasons. Flex is ideal for use when grass is transitioning from dormancy to actively growing or vice versa. Flex is often ideal for use when transitioning between grass species, such as when overseeding bermuda or another warm season grass with a cool season grass, such as a rye grass.