How many times during the dormancy period will turf need to be painted?

When applying Endurant on completely dormant turf, there may not be a need for much reapplication, if any. Many people ask how many times to paint grass during dormancy. For year round green grass, spraying three times, including once during early dormancy, again at full dormancy and just before dormancy ends in the spring transition leads to fantastic results.

How Many Times to Paint Grass During Dormancy

Apply Endurant Turf Colorant at least once when the grass is completely dormant. Or, for a more consistent year round green, apply three times.

When applying before, during and after dormancy, you may want to know which rates to use.

To maintain the year round green, the suggested rates are as follow for the Endurant turf colorant concentrates: Endurant Fairway (FW), Endurant Premium (P+), or Endurant Perennial Rye (PR), should be applied at a rate of 10-15gal/acre over the season in three sprays as follows: 3gal/acre as turf enters early dormancy, 6gal/acre during total dormancy, and 3gal/acre in the transition period.

You may consider a pigment, either Endurant Turf Enhancer (TE) or Endurant Flex (FX), which is a combination of a pigment and a paint. Flex offers the benefits of a pigment's affordability with the staying power of a paint. Endurant TE is designed specifically for actively growing turf that has some natural green from chlorophyll. TE will be mowed off prior to wearing off. Endurant Flex is specifically made for turfgrass that is in transition, such as transitioning in and out of dormancy.

For more tips on successful grass painting, see How to Paint Grass.