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Questions & Answers How Does Endurant Hold up to Cart Traffic and Heavy Use?

Endurant is named for its ability to endure many conditions. It's extremely popular for use on golf courses. So, it's common for golf course superintendents to ask, how does Endurant hold up to cart traffic? The Endurant turf colorants will last on the grass, but heavy golf cart traffic does take a toll on grass in general.

Much like overseeded turf or grass of any type, cart traffic can leave markings. Golf carts and traffic can degrade conditions when in high concentration. Scattering carts or spreading heavy usage over the area helps. The colorant will last but the grass can be damaged nonetheless.

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Questions & Answers How Long Will Endurant Turf Colorant Last?

Endurant turf colorant will generally last about 6-8 weeks. When applied to dormant turf it lasts longer than when applied to actively growing turf because colorant is mowed off. The answer can vary when considering the question, how long will Endurant Turf Colorant last? For details on estimating the length of time this grass paint lasts, learn more here.

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home What Happens When You Mow Grass Paint?

Why Paint Grass If You're Just Going to Mow It Off?

Most people do not paint grass if they're going to mow it off. In fact, most people add color to grass because it is brown, dormant, drought-stricken and/ or not growing. Or, it may be growing some, but is semi-dormant. Therefore, most people are not mowing the lawn after painting grass.

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Questions & Answers How to Paint Grass & How to Apply Endurant

Endurant turf colorant is easy to apply. Painting grass has been a common practice in sports field management and golf course maintenance for more than a decade. Now, it's also more common for owners of home lawns and landscapers to save money and get green grass while reducing water, fertilizer, fungicide and other chemical usage. Here's a step-by-step process to help you learn how to paint your lawn green.

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Questions & Answers Will Weather Affect Endurant Results?

Will weather affect Endurant? Minimally. Once colorants are dried and cured, weather has minimal affects on Endurant turf colorants. You may apply Endurant turf colorants when frost, dew or a very small amount of moisture is on the grass blades. This may actually increase uniformity of color application. But it is not necessary. If a heavy rain were to come prior to Endurant drying, that could cause the paint to wash off. Generally, just allow grass to dry for 8 hours before a rain and up to 24 hours before a heavy rain. Endurant is dry to the touch in most cases within an hour.

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Questions & Answers What Is the Best Endurant Application Rate?

Application rates may vary based upon the depth of shade users desire. The best Endurant application rate is also listed on the container for home users and professionals. Apply more for a deeper result if desired, but do not mix at a rate that is overly diluted. Maintain the 15:1, water to Endurant, mix rate.

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Questions & Answers Is Endurant a Grass Paint That Turns Blue?

Endurant is not a grass paint that turns blue. Many grass paints on the market have an unnatural and/or blue tone. Endurant Turf Colorants do not turn blue. Users celebrate Endurant colorants for their particularly natural tones. Geoponics' brand of Endurant Turf colorants do not start out blue and will not fade to blue. Instead, Geoponics formulated Endurant colorants to match the most common turfgrass species. These organic pigments combine with nontoxic binder to last for a long time. And, when Endurant does fade, it fades on tone.

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