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Questions & Answers Grass Pigment or Grass Paint? When to Use Each

When considering whether to use a grass pigment or grass paint, consider the current color of the grass. Pigments are generally applied to growing turf while paints are used on turf in some degree of dormancy. A grass pigment is used on actively growing green grass. If the grass is brown, dormant and/or no longer actively growing, then a paint is preferred. However, Endurant paints, including the most popular in the line, Endurant Premium, PR and Fairway may be used on any grass at any time.

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Questions & Answers What Is the Recommended Spray Boom Height When Choosing to Use a Boom Sprayer?

There are several ways to apply Endurant and several sprayers to choose from. However, when choosing to use a boom sprayer, as is common in golf course applications, the ideal height of the boom sprayer is 18-20 inches.

To view a boom sprayer and other equipment used in painting grass, check out this link. And for more tips on how to paint grass and how to apply Endurant, review this page.

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Questions & Answers How Long Should I Keep Off the Grass After Applying Endurant?

After applying Endurant turfgrass colorants it's recommended to keep off the grass to allow it to dry. How long this takes can vary. It is recommended to allow grass paint to dry for two hours for light home lawn use. For golf, remain off the grass for three to four hours. When it comes to keeping rain off the grass, try to let grass paint dry for 8 to 24 hours before a heavy rain, if possible.

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Questions & Answers What Is the Best Way to Clean Grass Paint Equipment?

The best way to clean grass paint equipment is promptly. Flush equipment with water immediately after using the equipment for spraying with Endurant turf colorants. Consider Endurant Turf Pigment Cleaner for harder to get off stains.

Equipment should not sit overnight with colorant in it because it could clog nozzles with the paint.

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Questions & Answers When Is the Best Time to Paint Grass?

The best time to paint grass is after it's freshly mowed. This way, you don't mow off the color.

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Questions & Answers Should I Wait Until Grass Is Dormant to Paint?

The choice to wait until grass is dormant or not is a matter of preference when it comes to painting grass. Some people like to see the grass remain green as long and as much as possible. If so, many find that applying colorant at half rate just before dormancy is a great way to achieve that. Then, apply Endurant at full rate when in full dormancy and again at half rate during the transition back to the growing season. This leads to ideal results.

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Questions & Answers What Is the Best Sprayer for Painting Grass?

Depending on the size of the job and your level of experience spraying turf, there are several options.

When applying Endurant Turf Colorants, most garden sprayers, backpack sprayers, airless
sprayers, skid sprayers with reel and boom sprayers will all work for painting grass.

Entry level garden sprayers and backpack sprayers can be purchased at your retail store. Pump sprayers may be used but may not provide the best results because the pressure can be inconsistent. So, a battery powered sprayer can be better.

The Best Sprayer for Painting Grass Can Vary:

A Battery Powered Back Pack Sprayer Is Great for Most Lawns

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Questions & Answers Can Pesticides, Fertilizers or Other Products Be Added to Endurant?

Mixing Endurant with other chemicals is generally safe. However, it is important to contact the supplier of the products and/or perform a jar test. Consider too where you want the other products to end up. Endurant turf colorants need to remain on the leaf blade for optimal results. Do not water-in Endurant landscape colorants. Instead, Endurant needs to dry fully on the leaf blade or the surface of plants, trees, mulch or whatever is being colored. So, any products mixed with Endurant should probably be a foliar. In conclusion, mixing Endurant with other chemicals is often safe, but jar tests, checking with manufacturers and following all application instructions is important when using any chemical or material.

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Questions & Answers Will Weather Affect Endurant Results?

Will weather affect Endurant? Minimally. Once colorants are dried and cured, weather has minimal affects on Endurant turf colorants. You may apply Endurant turf colorants when frost, dew or a very small amount of moisture is on the grass blades. This may actually increase uniformity of color application. But it is not necessary. If a heavy rain were to come prior to Endurant drying, that could cause the paint to wash off. Generally, just allow grass to dry for 8 hours before a rain and up to 24 hours before a heavy rain. Endurant is dry to the touch in most cases within an hour.

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Questions & Answers Is Endurant Safe on Equipment?

Endurant Turf Colorants are safe on equipment and pumps. We recommend cleaning directly after use. If equipment is not cleaned directly after use, there is a risk of clogging spray nozzles with dried paint. So, rinse turf equipment with water directly after use and do not store equipment with the paint inside. If you have a tough stain on equipment use Endurant Pigment Cleaner, available on Geoponics online store, as well as through Amazon and our distributors.

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